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Hello 弗拉基米尔 (Vladimir) - Your wikipedia wrote a fake name. It's fake because Vladimir is the international name of an Russian President Vladimir Putin .

The Ukrainian president has the international name Volodymyr or Volodimir Please correct please 沃洛基米尔 (transcription of cyrillic to chineseТранскрибирование_иноязычных_имён_и_названий_в_китайское_письмо ) When Ukrainian contemporary Ukrainians, independent inhabitants of Ukraine continue to be called fake Russian names, this is an insult to us by nationality. What is the essence of insulting: we do not want you to think of us as a source of Russian people. We are not a Russian subspecies. Find the opportunity to catch our true story.--Bohdan Bondar留言) 2019年5月8日 (三) 07:23 (UTC)

I was told that for Ukraine, Russian fake names are used because there are Xinhao Resolution on the rules for translating the names of Ukrainians Therefore, I have no complaints about the Chinese Wikipedia.--Bohdan Bondar留言) 2019年6月2日 (日) 18:11 (UTC)--Bohdan Bondar留言) 2019年6月2日 (日) 18:11 (UTC)


User_talk:2603:3014:1802:AD00:BC5A:7FFB:EE5A:7A0A contains w:en:COPYVIO, so please delete it at all.

See and earlier. —以上未加入日期时间的留言是于2019年5月12日 (日) 00:14 (UTC)之前加入的。


用户Раммон无权在维基百科中使用受害者的照片,正如受害者的母亲所说的那样。你能保护页面吗?—以上未签名的留言由Akhmadjan对话贡献)于2019年5月16日 (四) 15:18 (UTC)加入。

Akhmadjan, the victim's mother has no rights to postmortem photos of her daughter. You were told this several times: on commons (one, two and three), on the English Wikipedia (here), but your keep repeating disproved arguments. Раммон留言) 2019年5月22日 (三) 12:31 (UTC)
Colleagues Sanmosa, ToothpasteLake and Tigerzeng: what should I do if Akhmadjan does not want to discuss the situation? Раммон留言) 2019年5月23日 (四) 12:34 (UTC)
I am sure that Akhmadjan is giving a wrong message to the community. Firstly, nobody could forbid anyone to use a file with no copyright, regardless of their positions. Secondly, the file usage should follow the law of Unites States (not any other countries), as Wikipedia's servers are in there; the file is forbidden to be used only when the US law states that. Σανμοσα 2019年5月23日 (四) 12:44 (UTC)
And anyway, I speak Chinese. Σανμοσα 2019年5月23日 (四) 12:45 (UTC)
Though using such pictures is not rejected by existing policies according to Sanmosa, I can't deny that the photos are "not common" and may arouse controversy. I'm considering bringing this issue to Village Pump where the community is possible to reach an agreement on it. Once we have such a consensus, all the editors should follow it. --Tiger留言) 2019年5月23日 (四) 13:39 (UTC)
Though, not through (corrected). Besides, I also do not deny Tigerzeng's claim that those photos may arouse controversy (I also oppose putting those photos into the article, because it may cause trepidation). I agree that a consensus is needed to be made in the Village Pump. User:TigerzengΣανμοσα 2019年5月23日 (四) 14:52 (UTC)
Village Pump - where is it? Also I would like to give another example - such image that is used in this article of the French Wikipedia and in this article of the Italian Wikipedia. Раммон留言) 2019年5月24日 (五) 06:52 (UTC)
Breaking news - administrator of Ukrainian Wikipedia Piramidion blocked Akhmadjan forever for destructive behavior. Раммон留言) 2019年5月24日 (五) 08:07 (UTC)
Article discussion section of Village Pump is WP:VPD and I've posted a new topic there. Chinese is required to leave comments there. If you have difficulty with Chinese and you want to say something, feel free to leave your messages here and ask us to translate them.--Tiger留言) 2019年5月24日 (五) 15:07 (UTC)
Tigerzeng, please translate into Chinese and publish there the next message: "For example this image is used in these articles: 刘复基 and 彭楚藩, and nobody tells that the image should be deleted from the articles". Раммон留言) 2019年5月27日 (一) 13:29 (UTC)
Done.--Tiger留言) 2019年5月27日 (一) 16:07 (UTC)